Video - Explanation Of In-running Scalping Technique

An explanation of the in-running scalping technique I introduced back in Feb-March 2014.

Recently Darren at bet72 posted a video demonstrating his attempts at the technique using The Geeks Toy trading software. Since then, I've had a number of requests for further information, hence this video.

I start from basics so apologies to those more experienced traders - just skip the first 10 mins or so. Also, I should apologise for it's length (Oooh Matron!). I got a bit carried away.

A couple of times I mentioned a stake/liability of £100 when in actual fact I meant £50. I'm sure you'll get the gist when you watch it.


efrhen gallego said...

Awesome Strategy. I have tried it in 7f+ Races where the Market is NOT Top heavy with excellent results. I have used mostly 1 tich offset ,7 sec Fill or Kill. Just like any trading you have to have the discipline to bail out of trades where half way you have the front runner with all the liability on it shortening constantly with no hope of your 1 tick offset Back bet being filled
Just trade and take your loss

Alistair said...

Good to hear it is working for you Efrhen. Discipline is the key. If it's not working for you by halfway, get out.

efrhen gallego said...

Actually after playing around with this strategy for a couple of weeks,I can properly say any race under 1m1f is too short as things happen so fast is hard to get out half way if things head South. The longer the race the better

Alistair said...

There's definitely a cut off in sprint races though I'm happy to start at 1m races.

There is scope for sprints but I haven't as yet formulated a suitable and consistent exit strategy. As you say, things happen too damn fast.

Good to see you've settled on a plan that you're happy with Efrhen.


Pat said...

Your Lay stake liability is 50.. There are a lot of bets in the race ... What account size it take to have a liability of 50?

Alistair said...

The short answer to your question Pat is 50.

It doesn't matter how many runners are involved in a race, if you lay each of them once each with a liability of 50, the maximum liability you can possibly have is 50. This is because each lay placed reduces the liability on the other runners.

This is an important feature of the strategy as you know befire you start what the maximum potential loss there is.