Video - In-Running Scalping 19th July 2014

Quick-fire run through of seven races this afternoon (19th July 2014) where I employ my in-running scalping method.

If I wasn't green by the half-way point I let my position ride as I wanted to practice my race reading skills. (No pictures for you to see as I had that window on another monitor). Pleased with how I read the races though it did lead to a couple of damn close shaves. It's certainly a lot easier to do it in races of 2m+ rather than the 1-2m races I concentrate on here and I wouldn't recommend it to the beginner.

The last race is out of sync as it is the thunderstorm delayed 14:20 at Market Rasen.


Ian said...

Really enjoying your videos, it's great to hear someone with a proper accent :-) I'm new to all of this so apologies if these questions are daft. Firstly I see that you are only laying the third price, but in another of you videos, you were laying all three prices on the grid for each horse. Any reason for this change, is one better? Secondly, occasionally I see you click on a small green or red on an idivdual horse, rather than green all. Why do you do this, does it spread the green or red across the book.

Alistair said...

Hi Ian. Glad you are finding the videos useful.

The idea of laying all three prices on the grid for each horse was simply suggested as an alternative to what I normally do, i.e. lay the one price three ticks below the market price. Although I like the idea, I find that there's too much clicking going on and with many more bets being manually placed into the market it takes longer for all the lays to clear before one can re-enter the market for another cycle. I think that particular version is probably suited to an automated bot. However, you are free to try it to see if it suits your style.

I usually trade out on an individual horse for one of two reasons:
1. If the horse has a red on it which doesn't show any signs of turning the other way. It lets me essentially scrap that one trade thus preventing it worsening whilst at the same time, allowing me to go back in with a new trade as part of the next cycle.
2. Occasionally, if the initial lay hasn't been fully matched but the closing back hasn't been taken an 'imbalance' in the green across the board occurs. Clearing it by trading out on that horse sorts that and makes it easier to keep track of things.

Gee Dee said...

Hi Alistair... I spotted one of your tweets. Where you commented you were trying to improve your In Running Scalping Technique. Will you be up dating on here or just commenting on Twitter...