Video - The Long And The Short

In-play strategy I call 'The Long And The Short' that is intended to get you a free bet on a long shot while going green on everything else.

Early days for this strategy but it has shown great promise. It needs to be tested over many more races but I present it here for your delectation if not amusement.


Pat said...

How you choose your horse between the favorite and 2nd favorite?

What are the criteria for choosing a favorite horse?

In the video why you chose Miami Carousel?

Alistair said...

Pat, I primarily use the data freely available on the Timeform site at

In particular, I'm looking for indicators that the horse will run well in-running so things like: recent form, past in-running odds history, course and distance history and so on.

The outsider mainly selects itself. I'm looking for runners whose odds are such that the stake placed on them would be no more than 10% of the overall stake used on the dutch.

Pat said...


your method is very interesting and I would like to control it ...

I'm new in the field of horse betting exchange

Can you give me an explanation analyzed to choose the right horse, there is a lot of information on the site.

A video would be to explain the analysis of the choice of the horse would be nice

Thank you

Alistair said...

I will look into doing a video but it will not be any time soon as I'm up to my elbows in wallpaper paste and emulsion and will be for some time.

In the meantime have a look at this video - where I discuss resources you can use.

With regard to TimeForm, one thing (though not exclusively) you should note is the minimum odds each horse traded at its most recent races. You want to look for a runner that consistently trades lower than its opening price.