All Stood Still

That image says it all! Five pence profit for the day! So I won't bother adding that to the bank.

It was strange today. First thing this morning, I'd spent 90 mins in a torrential downpour working on my new fence. Having been soaked to the skin, with no sign of the weather clearing, I packed it in. Instead, I had a shower then took myself off to Tesco to do some much needed grocery shopping.

Having spent the morning in a productive manner, I cleared my desk in readiness for an equally productive afternoon trading. It didn't pan out that way.

I never really felt comfortable all. I didn't seem to be able to get my head into the right frame of mind. My body seems to be in a permanent state of aching with the manual labour I've been doing, and I just couldn't read the markets at all today.

I started off losing £1.07 on the first race. Not a huge amount by any manner of means, but it set the tone for the afternoon as I hate starting off with a loss. However, three races later, I had managed to claw most of that back though it was a real struggle - ridiculously so considering how well I've been doing of late.

Then in my fifth race of the day, the 2:55 at Pontefract, I chucked away another 2 quid and I decided to jack it in for the afternoon. It wasn't happening and my head just wasn't getting into gear. Fortunately, the weather had cleared so I was able to distract myself by some more fence building.

After dinner, I ventured into some of the evening racing - 3 races to be precise - where again, I struggled to see anything happening. I did, however, manage to recover my earlier loss and profit to the grand sum of 5 pence!

So, a case of standing still today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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