Day 2 And Back On Track

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 16.3% profit. New bank... £35.86

Well, after yesterday's screw ups, I had a much better day today, not only recovering yesterday's losses but making a decent profit over and above that. A case of two steps forward, one step back. I don't care as long as the overall trend is up, that's all that matters.

I missed the first half of the afternoon as I took my daughter and one of her friends swimming. I got back in time for the 3:30, but, after yesterday's difficulty in reading the markets I decided just to sit and watch for a while. This clearly paid off as I traded quite well and was comfortable doing so.

I got involved in nine races all told, all in the place markets with 7 of them being winners. I took a biggish hit in the 8:20 at Kempton which knocked the headline figure back a bit. Still, a 16.3% increase in bank cannot be sniffed at. Wouldn't it be great if our banks increased at that rate every day? If only!

I'm also underway with the latest installment to my Tennis Hedging Strategy.

The mens competition has reached the quarter final stage in the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. I successfully laid Nadal @ 1.56 and came out with the desired 20% profit 40 mins later. That profit will be carried forward to the corresponding semi-final.

The second quarter final will get underway when I'm hopefully sound asleep, so I've already laid Berdych @ 1.4 looking to be matched at 1.53 for a 20% profit. I'll find out tomorrow if that is successful.

My tennis bank will be updated when I've finished my involvement in Miami.

Time for bed now. Next update tomorrow evening.

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