Grace Under Pressure

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.6% profit. New bank... £71.92

Only four races for me this evening after a full day at a client's. And what a lovely four races they were.

The only disappointment was the first race, the 6:50 at Kempton. Although I came away with a handful of pennies, I'd let a couple of quid slip through my grasp by hanging on for an extra couple of points and being caught by a big spike.

Other than that, I was very pleased with my trading tonight and caught a few good movers. None more so than the 8:05 at Worcester where 'Blue Dark' shortened considerably in the place market and I managed to get most of it. It drifted a bit afterwards but I didn't want to risk losing what I already had so I let it be. That trade alone was worth nearly twice as much as the other three put together.

So I very healthy 5.6% profit bumps up the bank again and the recovery continues...

What I have done over the past few days is make better use of BinarySoft BDI and the facilities it provides. I'm paying much closer attention to the excellent graphing facility that was recently introduced. I'm also using the LTP (Last Traded Price) column in the selection table a lot better in an effort to try and spot market movers more easily.

In addition to that, I'm becoming more confident, with the help of the aforementioned tools, in jumping a couple of ticks ahead of the live price in order to get matched when a move is on. Before, I'd sit on it, or go one tick ahead, and I'd be overtaken before being matched. As a result, I was forever chasing the trend rather than riding on its back.

Tomorrow is the start of the fence building so I don't know when I'll get back in front of the PC. Given that I've got quite a few holes to dig for fence posts, which won't be easy as I'll likely hit loads of tree roots, it may take a while. Mind you, I'm so unfit I'll probably be knackered by 10am so I might get a full days trading in after all.

I'll obviously post any results if I have them. In the meantime I'm away to put my feet up....

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leonthefixer said...

well done on a good day, well evening! Good to see you are getting back intot he swing of things - wish i could say the same!

I love a spot of fencing - used to work for two different fencing contractors in my Student days - happy days. I even thought about setting up my own fencing company, so if I was near you I would be over in a shot to help!

Enjoy the blisters on the hands! i would recommend investing some of your winnings in renting an auger (think i spelt it right) will save you hours and your back!