A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 11.7% profit. New bank... £68.17
Tennis... 38.5% loss. New bank... £9.43

Take a look at that bloody tennis figure! That really got the day off to a good start! NOT!

I was trading the Calleri v Seppi match this morning and was doing quite well. Up 10% with my first couple of trades. It was midway through the first set in what was a tight game. Seppi went 0-30 in the 8th game of the set and I promptly backed him. Yet the odds drifted. Big time! I couldn't understand what was going.

I was monitoring the scores using the live feed from protennislive.com. This is generally a few seconds behind the play. So to see the odds drift before the score comes up is nothing unusual. I expected Calleri had taken it to 15-30, so I left my position as it was. But the odds kept going. It was then I realised that something was amiss. For whatever reason, the score hadn't been updated on the protennislive.com feed. When I refreshed the score, Calleri was suddenly 40-30 up for the game! Bollocks!

I traded out for a guaranteed loss of £5.90. Ouch! There was no point in continuing if I couldn't trust the live scores. 'Live scores' my bottom! Half dead more like.

That's my tennis bank now below the £10 I started with. I think I'll go back to my tennis hedging strategy.

On to the horses...

The nags proved to be much better and fortunately I recovered what I'd lost on the tennis and a bit more, so my overall bank was OK for the day. I even managed a win on my first race. WhooHoo!

I stuck to the place markets throughout the day and had a slight change of tact in that I deliberately went out looking for spikes. This worked quite well with some good trades, though I did have a big one go against me - it always seems to be the last race before dinner time that I screw up. I got it back though, two races later.

I ventured into 27 races today, scratching 3 of them and losing on 4.My staking level, having been cut to £11 approx last Friday morning has now risen to £28ish. I quit in time to watch the Champions League match, so a fairly relaxing evening.

All-in-all, it's been quite a good day, despite the setback in the morning. I even feel that I've won big. As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be building a fence this weekend. When I first looked into this last year, I was quoted over £700 for the materials. When I went to order the stuff today, that was what I was expecting to pay. It only cost me £420.

So the fightback continues. Hopefully, there will be more of the same tomorrow. But it will have to be an evening session for me as I'm off to see a client.

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