One Fine Day

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 18.9% profit. New bank... £99.67

I love Sundays.

It was a beautiful day when I got up this morning so I thought I'd give the digging of the remaining fence post holes a miss (I was still aching from the past three days) and spent the morning pottering around the house and generally chilling out.

I watched the first 30-40 mins of the Spanish Grand Prix but it looked if it was going to pan out to be a bit of a precession so I decided a spot of trading was in order. I'm so glad I did.

The first two races saw me more than 8% up. What a start! Bizarrely though, this had a negative impact on my trading. For the next 4 races, I spotted significant price movements yet was reluctant to get on them for fear of screwing up and losing my excellent start. So I let them all pass me by. When I eventually opened a trade nearly an hour later, I lost - just 64 pence so no big deal. Still, I stopped and gave myself a slap and got back in gear.

I must have slammed that gear lever straight into fifth as the next race saw another stonking trade. I couldn't believe it! I'd only entered 4 races and I'd added 12.3% to the bank!

That was the last of my spectacular trades. For the rest of the afternoon I carried on adding pennies here and there, eventually ending up with an 18.9% increase to the bank. Whoohoo!

All together, I got involved in 15 races today with 3 scratches and two losers - which came to the grand total of £0.79 so they were virtual scratches.

I actually thought my horse bank had broken through the £100 mark. However, having just checked my Betfair account I see that I only won £0.57 in the 3:25 at Wetherby rather than the £1.03 I thought I had, presumably due to a last minute withdrawal. So, somewhat disappointingly, I'm a few pence short of that landmark. It shouldn't be long in coming though.

Yesterday, I talked about getting to the point where I'm at least making the minimum wage. Well today, I wasn't a kick in the teeth off that goal. Let's hope that can become a regular habit.

So, after a very successful afternoon, I found the strength to dash out and dig the rest of the post holes. That's the hard bit done. The fence starts going up tomorrow. Of course, I'll have to stop in time for the afternoon racing.

Until next time...


Drifter said...

Alister Well Done. Your progress is nice and steady at the moment. You are showing the importance of making small and steady profits because then suddenly it will click into place for a few races and suddenly you bank will start increasing at a fast race as it did today. One word of caution is that I found in the past when I was about to reach a milestone e.g. £100 I would be a bit too anxious to make it and would therefore make a big error. Good trading hope you hit the £100 mark tomorrow.

Alistair said...

Cheers Drifter,

It certainly was an excellent day. Everything really seemed to click, which, in a way, put me off. As I mentioned I missed some big moves today simply because of fear of screwing up.

Having said that, I've got to take some satisfaction from the fact that I correctly predicted those moves, even if I didn't jump on them. I'll be a bit more confident next time.

More of the same tomorrow will do nicely.