A Quiet Day

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 2.0% profit. New bank... £55.51

Not a huge amount to report today as most of it was spent doing family things. I did however manage to get involved in a few of the afternoon races before spending the evening with my daughter and her friend hurtling down the local dry ski slope on some planks.

In all, I got involved in 11 races today with only one loss and one scratch. Unfortunately the one that lost was a five tick job which was nearly four times the size of todays average win. This limited the profit somewhat.

Still, as yesterday, the object of the exercise was not so much the size of the profit, but minimizing the number of losing trades. On that front this afternoon's work was certainly successful.

I was surprised how little money was around in the place markets today. That's probably one of the reasons I got caught out in that losing trade - a spike that remained rather stubborn and only disappeared after I'd baled out. This aside, I was pleased with the way I read the vast majority of races today.

I just need to see if I can maintain that over the weeks to come.

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