Tennis Trading Update

Tennis... 13.7% profit. New bank... £19.23

While I take a little time out to get my horse trading head back in shape, I've been spending a little time on the tennis.

I haven't been using my Tennis Hedging Strategy, or at least, not as it is outlined in my previous post. Instead, I've been looking at something else which may prove more rewarding for less risk. I will not go into details here until I've spent a lot more time on it.

Still, I'm happy to report that after three matches, two last night and one this morning, my tennis bank has grown by another 13.7%. I was looking for more, but I missed the start of the Flipkens v Ani match in Estoril. Annoying, as my intended lay/back of Flipkens would've been matched after the first couple of games. The image below was taken when the score was 0-3 in the first set.

So this alternative version of the Tennis Hedging Strategy is looking promising. There's lots of tennis over the next few days so I'm hopeful that that particular bank will see some significant growth.

This afternoon I will spend some time watching the horse markets. I do not intend to launch into full trading mode but I will have BinarSoft BDI poised and ready, but with much reduced stakes. The aim though is not to trade, but to get my head back in gear with a view to getting my horse trading on track once again.

Hopefully, I'll have a further update later this evening.


Loocie said...

Hi Alistair,

good to see your strategy is working. Tennis is a wonderful sport to trade on, but patience is the key. There are lots of matches every week so there is no reason to be greedy. Keep up that good working!

All the best, Loocie

Alistair said...

Hi Loocie,

Thanks for the comments. Early days yet but it certainly looks promising. It would be nice to be able to increase the bank by 20% per day :-)

The hedging technique looks like it will provide regular profits, but ultimately I'd like to be able to trade live, in-play. Unfortunately, I do not have access to live pictures which makes it awkward. Even the official live score feeds from the tournament websites are 20 odd seconds behind, which can make things difficult.