I Don't Like Mondays

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 2.0% profit. New bank... £134.36

Just a quick summary of today's trading as I'll be going out shortly...

I managed some good trades today, but they were all interspersed with some equally poor ones. Indeed, my first trade of the day saw me over £5 down in the first race. I managed to half the deficit by trading another horse, but it wasn't a good start.

The next race again saw me making stupid errors and I lost another couple of quid on that. And when the third race started off poorly, I was on the verge of packing it in for the day. Fortunately, I managed to reverse that red and get it in the green before the off.

The next four races saw me continue to profit, recovering all my losses from the first two races. I only traded in another five, losing in three of them and making small profits in the other two. I finished at 4:40 as my daughter had returned from friends and was looking to be fed.

So, 12 races traded and 5 of them losers. Not good enough.

Although the title implies that I have a problem with Mondays, to be honest, I'm really referring to this Monday. Don't get me wrong; there was plenty of trading opportunities today. It's just that I was on the wrong side of them or missed them altogether.

Never mind though. Any profit is a good profit and with another 2.0% added to the bank, I've got to be content with that. It so easily could've gone the other way today.

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