Less Often Means More

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.8% profit. New bank... £238.85

Just a quick update as I was able to get back in time for a bit of trading.

I managed to catch the last 7 races and immediately started trading well, which is unusual for me. I was over £16 up after the first 4. I then had my only loss of the evening where I opened a position that quite frankly wasn't viable and found myself over £5 down. I managed to retrieve some of that on another runner before the off giving me a guaranteed £3.45 loss.

The last two races were pretty uneventful where I managed to pick up just over a £1 in total.

Although the loss was unfortunate, I achieved a profit of just over £13. Not bad for an hours work and a tax free hourly rate I could live with.

So, a jolly nice way to round off what has been a pleasant afternoon watching a footy match in the late spring sunshine. Roll on tomorrow...


Iranian Giraffe said...

nicely done the last few days m8, I've not traded much myself the last few days as my response rates have been pretty poor, although I did decide to do the Golf today as last time I made £15 from the US Masters for small bets, well I'm glad I decided to as I ended up £53 on it, which makes up for the pretty much non trading the previous days.


Alistair said...

Cheers Mike, a nice little win for you.

I've been really please the way things have went in recent days, but frustrated as well as I've hardly had any trading this weekend. Still, today's result was welcome as I didn't expect to be doing any trading today.

I hope you get your refresh issues sorted. There seems to be a number of people with an issue at the moment. Fortunately, I seem to be OK.