Losing It

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 6.3% profit. New bank... £124.54

I feel like I'm losing it. Since last weekend, for whatever reason, I've struggled. I know I'm doing things differently to what I had been doing; I think I know what they are, but my confidence and self-believe seem to have taken a knock. This is especially true after the 12% drop in my horse racing bank on Tuesday past.

A while back I mentioned in a post that I find myself spotting trends comfortably enough, yet didn't have the courage to leap ahead of the live price in order to get matched. Instead, I'd go one click ahead only to find myself leap-frogged before being matched. As a result, I'd wind up chasing the trend and not managing to execute a trade.

The past few days has seen me fall back to that. I'd spot the trend - sometimes a movement of 10-20 ticks - yet by the time I got on it, it's momentum had slowed or halted altogether and it was on the way back. So, despite spotting a golden opportunity, I'd end up scratching or worse, guaranteeing myself a loss.

It is very frustrating knowing what I should be doing, but having this subconscious block preventing me from doing it.

What I need of course, is a series of good trades under my belt to boost the confidence again. One might think from the 6.3% profit posted today that that is just what I've had, but I can honestly say I haven't. I'm still making far too many mistakes, which only serve to reinforce the lack of confidence.

This week, I seem to have made a habit of putting in a good trade, only to be followed by a bad one in the next race. It's been like Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor (and every Chancellor before and after) - giving with one hand and taking with the other.

Let's hope I can get over this malaise soon and start picking up again at a reasonable rate.

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