Not Good Enough - See Me!

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 3.7% profit. New bank... £183.75

Despite posting a profit for the day, I'm getting a little tired of the number of mistakes I am making. I traded 15 races today, scratching 1 and losing on 5, which simply isn't good enough.

I started off reasonably well only losing 1 race in the first seven I entered. I had to stop not long after 3:00 though as my daughter wanted me to install some software on her PC. I tried telling her that the games were Windows based and they wouldn't run on Linux but wouldn't she listen. Sometimes, you've just got to go through the motions to convince kids that what you say is true.

That hour long break, did me no good at all. I lost 4 of the next 7 races I ventured into. My concentration was not there, though I did manage one of my better trades which ensured I remained in profit for the day.

All-in-all, those lost trades cost me £7.94. Most of those races were annoying in that I'd read the long term movement correctly but I had jumped ship too early when the market went against me momentarily. Frustrating.

I didn't get involved in the races this evening as I was away watching my son play footy.

One of the things that has definitely been a problem in recent days is the fact that my daughter has been on holiday. Don't get me wrong, she's very good and generally leaves me be when I'm trading. No, it's simply the fact that I find it distracting when I know there is someone else in the house. She's back at school tomorrow - I'll have the house to myself so no excuses.

Parents evening though, so I'll miss a few of the late afternoon/early evening races.

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