A Recovery Of Sorts

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.4% profit. New bank... £294.13

After yesterday's loss, I reduced my initial staking level to around £60 for today's trading. Despite a shaky start, where I had 3 small losses in the first 7 races, I slowly recovered throughout the afternoon and was over £20 up on the day by dinner time.

The evening racing was going well also and I was quickly heading towards £30 for the day, as well as breaking through the £300 barrier for my bank when I lost over £10 in the 7:50 and 8:00 combined. Not really sure how I misread those races but frustratingly, once again the odds came back in my favour just before the off and after I'd traded out for a loss.

This is something I'm going to have to look at. I tend to get out of the market 1 min before the scheduled off. I'm certainly out with 30 secs to go. I cannot remember a case where the prices for the runner I'm currently trading don't move in my direction in the last minute. I'm missing out on a fair bit of profit by not taking my trading closer to the off. Risky I know if the race jumps early. I don't know if that happens a lot in the UK.

I traded 30 races today, scratching 7 and losing on 6 (at a cost of £13.92)

Anyway, what could've been a very satisfying £30 daily profit quickly turned into half that. Still, a 5.6% profit and yesterday's losses successfully recovered with a little extra to boot. Hopefully, I'll smash through the £300 barrier over the weekend.

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