Shock The Monkey

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 1.4% loss. New bank... £160.77

I certainly traded like a monkey today, that's what was shocking. Yet it started off so well.

I had successfully traded the fist 7 races averaging just under £1/race which was good. Then came the 3:00 and I was like a completely different person. I lost nearly £10 over the next 4 races and found myself looking at a second losing day in a row.

I desperately tried to get myself back in the black for the day, but I'd completely lost the ability to judge the markets as well as I did last weekend. I'd frequently get the movement right, but as I place my opening bid, movement seemed to stop. No matter how long I waited for it, it wouldn't move, so I'd scratch the trade only for it to immediately go off in the direction I had predicted. So frustrating.

After the 3:00 race, I felt the markets had gone loopy. They were jumping about all over the place yet no money seemed to be coming in. It made life very difficult. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Then of course, Betfair crashed just as the 6:40 was about to get under way. The race didn't go in play and for a while I was worried that I had an open position, despite BinarySoft BDI reporting that I was OK. I finally managed to log on to Betfair and saw that I was OK, but that race hasn't been settled as yet. That was the last race I traded.

I got involved in 21 races today with 8 losers and no scratches. That's not good enough, but I take heart from the fact that today's loss is minimal and it seems other traders also I major difficulties with the markets today.

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