Summer Lightning

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 17.9% profit. New bank... £152.04

What a stonking day, yet after 2 hours, I thought it was going to be so different.

I started off the day by scratching the first race which was then followed by one of my best trades of the day. It's so unusual to kick the day of with a good trade, I seriously thought about stopping there and then while I was ahead. When I lost a third of it in the following race, I started to wish I had.

I bashed on with the next few races and once I'd recovered it, plus a bit extra, I took a break and went for a cuppa. On my return, I screwed up the next two races and before I knew it, I was, within a few pence, back where I started. Two hours down the tube and despondency starting to set in. What this emphasised of course, is how important it is to concentrate at all times and not lose focus. The slightest distraction can so easily upset the apple cart.

I collected my thoughts, pulled myself together and started to get back into the swing of it when the thunderstorm started. I thought about turning all my computer equipment off as it is not protected against any form of lightning induced spikes, either mains borne or through the phone line. I did the old trick of counting between flash and thunder to estimate how far away it was and I decided I'd be safe to continue.

For the next 10 races I traded solidly with some very pleasing trades and only one minor loss. In between races I was able to watch the fine display of summer lightning Mother Nature was putting on. You don't often see forked lightning in this country; they tend to be cloud-to-cloud 'flashes'. Pretty spectacular.

As it was dinner time, I did my almost customary screw up of the dinner time race, which was really annoying. However, I was still well up on the day, so I didn't let it get to me as much as it might have. Besides, I got it all back in the evening session and added to it with some excellent trading - though I say so myself.

Altogether, I got involved in 34 races with 5 scratched and 6 losses. For the first time I broke through the £20 in a day mark. I'm obviously delighted with that, though those 6 losses amounted to almost £11, so there's still somethings I need to iron out.

It has been such a tremendous turnaround after a week where I've really found it difficult. As regular readers will know, I tend to trade the place markets. Given that there can be liquidity issues in the place market, I concentrate on the runner that has had the most money on it. This is generally the favourite and can be very short in odds.

I took sometime last night reflecting on where I've been losing the most, and I found it is primarily on these short priced runners. So, today, I changed tact. I didn't go looking for the runner that was attracting the most money. Instead, I went on the horses that were moving in the market - some of which had hardly any money on them at all. This clearly worked a treat today, but it will be interesting to see if the tactic holds during the quieter week days.

With today's excellent result, I've broken through the £150 barrier where I'd normally 'ring-fence' another £30. However, I did that after my bad showing last Tuesday. So instead, I'll just set aside another £10 which will bring my stake down to just over £50 and means I have £100 available to carry on the fight if I lose it.

I'll miss much of the racing tomorrow afternoon as my son's team is playing in a semi-final - against a team they've never beaten and who beat them 4-3 in an thrilling league game on Tuesday night. Hopefully, they can put that right tomorrow.

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