A Tale Of Two Halves

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 7.1% profit. New bank... £292.62

I should be pleased with another decent increase to the bank, yet I'm not. I cannot help but be disappointed with my trading today as I threw away as much money as I wound up profiting by.

My trading was really iffy today. I had some really good trades, but equally some very poor ones.

I kicked off the day rather slowly, not getting involved in the first two races. Once the third race came along a quickly got myself greened up to the tune of a fiver, more or less. Great start I thought. And when I found myself in profit in the next race I was thinking that today was going to be good. Unfortunately, whilst trying to squeeze a bit more out of that trade I turned a £1.30 all green position into a £4.78 all red one. Back to square one!

The next two races were great though, finding me up £15. But after that, my trading went completely haywire. I lost nearly £11 in the next four races. While the earlier loss was due to me being greedy, these four were simply shocking trades. No excuses.

By this time it was 4:00. I wasn't comfortable with the way things were going and my daughter had just return from school so I decided it might be best to get away from it, have an early dinner and collect my thoughts.

I returned in time for the 5:35 and immediately posted a £4.50 profit, which settled me down again. I traded fairly steadily, if unspectacularly, from then on, slowly adding to the profits even though I did have another couple of losing trades.

In all, I got involved in 22 races today, scratching 2 (though four of the evening races saw profits of under 50p so they were effectively scratched as well) and losing 7. And that is were my disappointment lies. To lose on a third of the races is simply not good enough. While a profit of £19.32 is welcome, I lost a total of £18.98 in those 7 races.

So I go off to bed tonight, unhappy with my performance, but hoping for a bit of consistency tomorrow.

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