Back On Track In The Evening

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 3.6% profit. New bank... £688.83

I had to go to a client's today, so only managed to trade in the evening. Even so, I had a very successful session. I won't bother giving a blow by blow account as I've got other things to do this evening.

I traded 12 races tonight, scratching 4 and losing 1, costing £3.49. That one was really annoying as it was nearly £4 in profit until I went looking for more. I think those sorts of loses are so much more irritating than going straight into the red from the off. Anyway, 3.6% added to the bank, which is edging ever closer to the £700 mark.

I was particularly pleased with my trading tonight as I had reduced my staking to £80 due to the lack of liability. This may be something I need to look at as, in the past when my staking has been nearly double that, I've found it can difficult, even when there is money in the market. I have an inkling as to why that might be, but I'll leave that for another day. Certainly, I was very comfortable tonight and read most of the races very well.

Roll on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi you are going well.
I have got to know a guy I meet him in at the snooker club.
He seems to have done over past 18
months on Betfair the same as you.
He started with £100 ran this up to £10400 . He now finds it harder now using larger stakes. He has lots of disipline . Good luck to you in the future.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'm getting to the stage where my staking can be a problem - usually in trying to get matched. I'm developing slightly different style so that I'm not putting it all in at once. Early days yet though.