My Normal Mixed Bag Profit

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.6% profit. New bank... £655.32

Another tidy profit in what was a long day littered with mistakes. None more so than the 4:50 at Redcar where I managed to turn a £3.50 greened up profit into a guaranteed loss of £6.58. I thought I got that type of nonsense out of my system, but obviously not.

The day didn't start too well with two losses. Before I let it get to me too much, I knocked £40 of my stake. Once I did that, I started to string some decent trades together. I had one small loss mid afternoon, but that was all until the aforementioned race at Redcar.

Indeed, the 4:50 saw the start of a very poor hour where I lost 5 out of 7 races costing a total of £14.96. Strangely enough though, the other two races saw some of my best trades of the day. Yet, when I stopped for dinner after the 5:50, I was roughly £17 up on the day.

I didn't get going again until the 6:40, and immediately lost on the first two races I entered. The usual story with the evening place markets - lack of liquidity. That's not strictly true. There's a lack of liquidity when I normally enter a market - 5 mins before the off. I need to avoid doing so in the evening and wait as late as possible giving the market a chance to build. When I concentrated on this, I was much more successful. I had another couple of losses in the evening, but I also had some of my best trades all day.

In the end, I got involved in 32 races, scratching 4 and losing a disappointing 12 of them, at a cost of £28.80. This means that my profitable trades totaled £63.80 at an average of £3.99. So again, we see that my mistakes have a significant effect on my overall profit. Certainly controlling the urge to enter every market, particularly when there's little opportunity available would help. That's something that will come with experience.

One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks, and there was a glaring example today, is the disadvantage I have in not having TV pictures anywhere near my computer. I always get out 10-30 secs before the scheduled off. I rely on BinarySoft BDI to tell me that. It works well, and I've never taken a trade in-running yet, but I'm losing out on profit where there's a delay in the start.

Take today's 5:30 at Ascot for example. I had a couple of quid greened up on 'Docofthebay' and then managed to get nearly a fiver on 'Iguazu' when I had to come out as the countdown timer was nearing zero. Yet, the odds continued to come in as the scheduled off time came and went. If I had the live pictures, I would've seen they weren't ready and increased that profit some 3-4 fold.

I've tried using Betfair's new Flash streaming radio, which they claim to be just a few seconds delayed. The trouble is, I found it extremely distracting hearing this inane chatter while I was trying to trade pre-race. I think I need to run some aerial cable so that I can get a TV in my bedroom where my computer is. A project for another day.

Anyway, another 5.6% added to the pot and last weekend's loss is long forgotten.

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