Best Laid Plans, And All That...

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 0.5% loss. New bank... £339.13

I've had a mare of a day!

My daughter was still pretty choked up this morning so I had to cancel my trip to a client's. I managed to arrange for her mother to pick her up which meant I was free to do some trading this afternoon - despite still feeling a bit groggy myself.

This first couple of races this afternoon where pretty much a non-event. I managed to pick up a quid in total. Then along came the 2:30 and the nightmare began. I lost just over a tenner when the market just collapsed behind me as soon as I entered my opening lay. I was immediately swallowed before I had a chance to cancel and the market just kept going against me.

Then, to compound things, exactly the same thing happened in the 2:45, despite the trend graphs heading in the right direction and the money building on my side of the market. I placed my bet and any support that was there promptly disappeared. Another tenner down the drain.


In disgust, I switched everything off and walked away. I only came back for the 4:00 once my headache had subsided a little. At this point, I managed to pick up a couple of pounds using much reduced stakes, but I'm still being caught out badly.

If my headache eases off anymore before the evening session, I may well come back to try and reduce today's losses. In any event, I'll update the running totals later.

Evening Update:

After being nearly £20 down after the first four races this afternoon, I came back this evening with some trepidation. As I explained above, I was feeling pretty groggy, with a sticking headache - I couldn't make up my mind if my that was caused by my cold or my trading performance. It was certainly enough to give anyone a headache.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit better this evening and set about recovering what I'd lost despite the very strong risk of screwing up even more. For this reason, I slashed my stake by half.

Without going into details, I made a £17.21 profit in the evening session (including the couple from late afternoon), despite another 3 losers, but the damage was done in that fateful first hour. So, a valiant attempt at a recovery, giving me a minuscule 0.5% loss on the day.

I traded a total of 21 races today, scratching 3 and losing 5 which cost me £29.19. More importantly, I learned a valuable lesson. Head colds and trading just don't mix.

My visit to my client has been rearranged for tomorrow but I should be back in time for some of the evening session - assuming I've shrugged this cold off.

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