Frustrating Day

I've had one of those days where I simply couldn't get going. If I won a race, I'd lose the next, but mainly, I didn't seem to be able to get on anything worthwhile so scratched far too many races.

The number of big moves I missed today, because I was concentrating on another runner....

I'd make an assessment of the market and decide which runner(s) were likely to move. I'd make my choice and sit and wait for something to happen - but nothing. I'd move to another runner only to discovered it had shot off in one direction or the other and I was too late to join. I'd wait a while to see if it would continue or reverse. I'd get fed up, switch back to my original runner only to find it had gone off while I wasn't watching! ARRRRGH!

When I did catch significant movement, it was being driven by very little money. As my stake levels were much larger I was reluctant to enter in case what little support that was there disappeared. As a result, I'd let it pass me by.

In the afternoon I had only managed to just scrape into double figures before the last where I threw much of it away. This was indicative of the frustration I was feeling today which was causing me to make mistakes.

This evening session was not any better and I've stopped after the 7:40 with a grand total of £2.68 to show for today's efforts. What a waste of time! I'm not even going to add that to my running total - until next time.

I traded 24 races today, scratching 8 and that doesn't include the number of races I ignored altogether. I lost £22.16 over 7 races, which was pretty pathetic.

So, I'll chalk this one off as a non-event and go and watch the footy instead.


Cassini said...

Hi - good blog - enjoyed reading it and have added it to my Blog list. Perhaps you would consider reciprocating? Good luck

Alistair said...

Hi Cassini,

Thanks for the comments. I'd be happy to exchange links and just added yours.