I'm So Lucky

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.5% profit. New bank... £478.51

It's a funny old game this trading lark. One can have so many highs quickly followed with dreadful lows. The mental fortitude that one needs to do this is quite incredible. Take this afternoon for example...

Within the first two minutes of looking at the first race I found myself over £5 down having completely misjudged the market. I then looked at another runner with a view to recovering some of that. As soon as my bet was matched all the money sitting behind me and providing support collapsed. I was lucky I managed to trade out at all. I came away from the first race with a guaranteed loss of over £14.

A couple of months ago, perhaps even as recently as 1 month, I would've thrown my rattle out the pram, walked away in disgust and gone and done something else for the day. Instead, I gave myself a ticking off, composed myself and knuckled down to win it back.

Despite another couple of hiccups where I added another £5 to the losses column, I was in profit for the day before the 4:00 race came along. Hard work but very satisfying. 'Do I continue or draw a line under today's efforts having saved the day?' Decisions, decisions.

I carried on, thankfully as I later had my best ever trade.

The very aptly named 'I'm So Lucky' was trading at 1.20 in the place market. I tend to avoid these runners as the odds generally don't move that much. In addition, because I work to a liability rather than a stake, if I was laying I end up risking a larger per tick loss (or getting a correspondingly large profit of course).

I couldn't believe it though when I saw the market. There was virtually no money keeping the odds down. Surely it was bound to drift. I waited a little to see if money arrived. It didn't so I piled in. My liability at the time was running at £127 so an effective stake of £635. It was all matched fairly quickly and I traded out for various amounts between 1.21 and 1.25. £12 richer ta very much. That certainly made up for the opening race.

Then, when I won a further £6.50 in the next race, I was indeed beginning to believe I'm So Lucky. So much so that I put most of my winnings from trading 'Pennyfan Dawn' in the last on 'Call Me Sam' (Racing Post spotlight) to place. That one lost, but I still made a profit from the race.

I traded 19 races this afternoon, scratching 2 and losing 4 (costing £22.22). That initial loss was a bit of a shocker, but I'm delighted by both the way I reacted to it and my subsequent response.

So another 5.5% added to the pot which means in the past 3 days alone, I've managed to profit to the tune of over £93. That's good enough for me!

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