A Lot Happier

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 6.6% profit. New bank... £590.96

I have to say, I'm a much happier chappie this evening than I have been of late. After the big cock-up I had at the weekend and the major pangs of doubt that it caused, I finally managed to put in a decent performance and exorcise those particular demons.

I got involved in 30 races today, scratching 11 of them and losing only two, costing an insignificant £2.52. Apart from two reasonable trades, my winning races were slow and steady rather than spectacular, averaging just over £2 each.

The 6.6% increase to the bank is particularly pleasing as I was still trading to reduced stakes. I started off the day using a liability of £75 which rose to just over £100 by the last couple of races.

I'm still trading in a somewhat defensive manner, not taking many opportunities when I should and trading out a bit earlier as well. I suppose if it maintains the consistency I have had today then that will be a good thing.

Whilst I was trading today, I took the opportunity to look at some form selection with a view to trading the place markets in-running. I didn't place any bets, but the intention is to ultimately use some of the pre-race trading profits to back runners to place, possibly trading out at 1.15 - 1.20. Hopefully in this manner, I can boost profits.

I only pick runners to place that have odds of evens or greater. Very early days, but today I picked 4 out of 6 runners that successfully placed. These were at odds (just before the off) of 2.94, 6.60, 2.44 and 2.86. I shall continue to paper monitor these selections and will only start backing them when I'm consistently getting them right AND my pre-race profits are consistently high enough to allow me a free bet.

That's it for tonight. The performance graph is pointing in the right direction once again and very close to going through the £600 barrier. Hopefully, I can carry today's good work forward to tomorrow.


Iranian Giraffe said...

as always nicely done m8,
I've read a few blogs recently about people struggling to trade the last few days/week, I've not been able to trade the last few days due to my internet being at 0.1meg due to workmen outside knocking the power off every half hour and the BT automated system then thinking that my line was unsatble and dropping out, (hell it took 4 attempts to load up this blog lol).

You always get some numptys around who think they are tough by sending abuse at people (most of the time these are people that would not have the guts to say something to someone in the real world and so have to act tough/hard etc in a virtual world), I often like to blow off steam by playing a few xbox 360 games online and you should hear the abuse that gets said down the line on that, 9 times out of 10 it's because they are jealous of what you are able to do as they cannot and that applies to games and trading (just take it as a compliment that they are more than likely doing what they are doing because they lack the skills to do it themselves), I just tell them that I wish I was a tough as them hiding behind a monitor/tv screen hurling abuse.


Alistair said...

Cheers Mike, good to hear from you again and thanks for the support. It must be most infuriating for you that you cannot trade due to the actions of others. I hope the workmen finish quickly and your able to rejoin the fray as soon.

I must admit, I just felt the need for a rant the other day. These Neanderthals tend to revel in provoking a reaction. As a result, I tend just to ignore them and not take the bait. It's sometimes good though to get things off one's chest.


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Alistair said...

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