Another Small Milestone Achieved

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 6.8% profit. New bank... £821.25

I finally managed to break through the £50 for the day barrier, despite losing £9 in the 8:50 at Chester - I just didn't trade that one at all well. Never mind though, it was the only losing race of the day.

I didn't think I was going to get any trading done this afternoon as, like yesterday, I had a friend pop round just before 2:00. I didn't get near my computer until the 4:15. Fortunately, I hit the ground running and I was £20 up come 5:00. I then hit a prolonged spell where I couldn't get on anything decent and either left the race completely or scratched for a few pence profit. For some reason, I started to trade in a rather tentative and cautious manner so this probably didn't help.

I had another interruption in the evening when I had to put my free taxi driver's hat on and go and collect my daughter and her friends from the local shopping center. That's where all my winnings are going, so it seems.

It wasn't until the 7:25 that I managed to get a sensible trade in. I strung a few races together adding £15 or so to the bank in the process. Then of course came the only disappointment of the day. However, there was still another £20 to be had in the last four races.

So, I'm delighted with today's work, despite missing big chunks of it. I traded 21 races today, scratching 6 of them and losing 1. Although that single loss accounted for nearly £9, it is a marked improvement in previous days and weeks where I was losing 25%-50% of the races I entered.

Very pleased with the small milestone of £50 in a day and generally chuffed the way this is all going. I've picked up over £150 since Monday and the bank is now through the £800 mark. The magic number of £1000 is clearly in sight now - not bad for a £10 investment (excluding the £120 it cost for the BinarSoft BDI subscription for 6 months of course) - though I say so myself.

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