Some People Are Pig Ignorant

Time to jump on my soap box...

I'm perfectly happy to discuss trading/gambling/sports with like minded folks. That's why I added my MSN address to the sidebar on the right a few weeks ago. Since then, I've met and spoken with a number of traders, exchanged views, tips and support - and continue to do so. But....

The anonymity provided by the Internet doesn't give people the right to hurl abuse or criticise complete strangers. You wouldn't do that on first meeting a stranger in the street so why do it on-line? If that's the sort of immature lowlife existance you lead, then head over to the Betfair forums where you can abuse people to your heart's content. If you insist on contacting me, I'll simply block you.

If however, you want sensible discussion, then please feel free. I'll be delighted to hear from you.

Rant over.


STU said...

Hi Alistair,

I've never posted to your blog before but I feel compelled to express my disappointment that you've received emails from the 'knuckle draggers' of this world.

I started reading the blog by 'Pinsticker' some time ago but these days he's off the planet! (well done and good luck to you!)

I came across your blog and found that I could relate much more to your level of trading. Its been fascinating, reading about your experiences and steady progress.

Unfortunately, I believe it's the anonymity provided by the internet that encourages certain types to give themselves a cheap thrill by hurling abuse with no comebacks. Dont you just love their bravery!

Pond life aside Alistair, well done so far, onwards and upwards, stay positive and keep up the blog!


Alistair said...

Thanks for the comments Stu and I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog.

It never fails to amaze me how good manners seem to go out the window when these lowlifes get going.

As you say, their bravery seems to know no bounds.

Don't be so shy in posting comments. I'm always interested to hear from fellow traders.