Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 5.7% loss. New bank... £530.11

What goes around comes around and after having my best ever trade yesterday, I've had my two worst ever today. So much so that I've stopped for the day.

I've found the past few days really difficult, but I've managed to muddle through and finish with profits - more to good luck than skill. Not this afternoon. I scratched the first race for a few pence, but then completely screwed up the 2:15 where I made the most stupid and careless mistake I have ever done.

'Jeer' was trading over evens and was spiking on the back side but the money was all on the lay side looking to make it drift. I sat there waiting for the next spike ready to pounce. Sure enough, along it came shortly afterwards.... and I clicked ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE LADDER!!!! What a stupid b*****d! With no money on the back side, the price shot out and kept going and I eventually managed to get rid of all my liability for an £18 loss.

I still cannot believe what I did!

That moment of madness not only cost me £18, but it completely screwed me up for the rest of the day. So much so that for much of the afternoon I wound up scratching for pennies or not getting involved at all. My confidence was so shot that I missed numerous large price movements as I held back when under normal circumstances I would've snapped them up. I really should've stop then, but I carried on in the hope that things would finally go right. That was a big mistake.

In the 3:35, 'Diademus' had been shortening steadily and I felt sure it would continue from where I joined at 2.84. Bad call. The money disappeared underneath me and I promptly lost another £14 or so.

I switched things off and went for a break, hoping to clear my head. But, having just lost another £3.68 in the 4:10, despite having slashed my stake to £50, I've stopped for the day. I'm somewhat shell shocked to be honest and it would be foolish for me to continue.

I only traded in 12 markets today, scratching 8 of them and losing on 3 (at a cost of £36.25). An absolutely shocking day and one to quickly forget.

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