A Testing Day

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 1.9% profit. New bank... £540.12

As mentioned yesterday, I wasn't intending to get involved today. However, as I was going about my household chores this morning, I was reminded of a comment someone (sorry, I forget who) had made to one of my earlier posts. In essence it was the need to remind oneself, in the event of a losing day, that one's trading skills don't just disappear because of a bad day. One needs to get straight back in the saddle again.

This I did, but with much reduced stakes, as I was still feeling somewhat lacking on the confidence front. And again, it showed. I traded in 22 races today but I was very indecisive, as reflected in the number of scratched trades I had - 11 in total. I lost 4 races totalling £7.30.

I made a small 1.9% profit which, although welcome, was never going to set the heather on fire. But then, it was never meant too. The purpose of today was to try and get some confidence back in my trading. Given my hesitation in many of today's races, I think the jury may well still be out on that one.


Anthony said...

You'll have a great run soon and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Don't panic and just press on. I speak from my own experience. I think it may be a mistake to drop your stakes as then you are definitely taking a step backward. But then, whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Sorry to see Drifter's pulled the plug on his blog.

Alistair said...

Thanks Anthony, I'm sure things will come together soon. Yesterday helped. My stakes grow as my winnings grow so they'll soon be back to what they were before.

I'm with a client today, so will not get much trading in until later this evening.

I noticed that Drifter's blog had disappeared. No idea why as he seemed to be doing very well.