A Weird Day At The Office

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 3.3% profit. New bank... £537.71

First up, a quick update from yesterday since I didn't bother posting.

I didn't get home from work until after 7:30 so I had little opportunity to trade. I dabbled in the last 6 races, but didn't really get anywhere. I found the markets quite difficult and for every trade I won, I lost the next. In the end, the evening was effectively scratched ending in just over £1 to the good, which I've added to today's total.

This weirdness in the markets, or as I perceived them, continued this afternoon. I thought today was going to be a good one as well when, in the first race of the day, I quickly amassed nearly £9. Unfortunately, I carried on trading that runner and lost most of it before the off. I then proceeded to lose as much as I was winning throughout the afternoon. Come the end of the afternoon I was roughly £5 down.

Not only did I find the afternoon racing difficult, but I also had broadband connection problems as well. I was waiting for the 3:45 market to develop when it went down. Fortunately I didn't have any position open at the time. I was disconnected for 45 mins. When it came back, I seemed to be suffering from this well documented delayed response that many Betfair users have reported the past month or so. My normal times hover around 80-90 secs. I was frequently getting times of around 2 secs.

I tried trading the next few races but found it increasingly difficult so quit for the afternoon some £5 down.

The evening races were much better, though not initially. Things picked up around 7:00 when I had a good spell and my trading seemed much easier. I spoiled things a bit in the 20:45 but I was happy to end the day with a 3.3% profit.

I traded 24 races today, scratching 3 and losing a disappointing 8 (costing £24.06). It's been interesting over the past week that my staking has significantly increased compared to two weeks ago say, yet I'm not see a corresponding increase in profit per race. I think this is because I am tending to trade out earlier than I was when the stake size was smaller. It's just a case of building my confidence to do so again.

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