Another Wasted Day

I'll keep this short as I have an early start in the morning.

It seems that last Friday's excellent result was something of an aberration. I have fallen back into the small returns that have plagued me for much of this month. In the last three days, I've barely made £20.

I found the markets this afternoon to be very poor and, as I was not getting anywhere fast, I decided I'd try some experimentation. In particular, I wanted to test things out on runners that were hovering around evens in the place market. This is an area where I always seem to misjudge the movement. As this should be an excellent area to trade, I really need to get it sorted out.

I'm afraid to say, the jury is still out on that one as I lost as much as I won.

The evening racing was equally poor. I kept missing the important moves, or at least most of them. The ones that I did spot were being driven by small amounts of money which made me reluctant to join in fearing a collapse if I did so. I persevered until the 7:50 when I gave up trying and went to watch some TV instead.

I had identified two in-play hedges today but, disappointingly, hadn't earned any money pre-race so I wasn't able to get on 'Barnezet' in the 6:10 at Windsor and 'Linda Green' in the 7:40, also at Windsor. Annoying as they finished 2nd and 1st respectively. It is encouraging though that I'm still able to pick them.

All in all, I traded 18 races today, scratching 4 and losing 6 at a cost of £18.37. All for a profit of £4.53! Like I said - another wasted day.

I'll miss the first day at Goodwood as I'll be at a client's, though I should be able to manage some of the evening races - assuming I'm in the mood.

Have a good one.


Graeme Dand said...


Not sure if you remembered Linda Green subconciously but there was a huge dispute on The Handicap Forum about this horse a few months back.

I said it was well handicapped and would win this season and Dave said it was a dog! I've backed it the last 5 times now and every time I've got in trouble on it as it drifted wildly pre-race and I was forced to take money in running on it and lost.

I lost £50 on it on its last run ffs! Andrew informed me this morning it was 20 last night on Betfair after drifting again but won as it liked!

Just about sums up my month I reckon... Take a break away and miss a horse that's cost me a bloody fortune this season!

Either way, it was a good spot by you and I'm guessing you would have got 4+ in the place market for it, so it would have been a nice return. Shame you didn't have any profit to bet on it!

Keep looking for these types though.


Alistair said...

Cheers Graeme,

Strangely enough, I didn't twig to 'Linda Green' at all when making my pick. It was only when you posted you comment that I remember the big 'debate'. If my memory had been better, I may have dismissed it altogether.

My short term memory is even worse as I cannot remember what the place odds were less than 24 hours later, though around 4.00 sounds about right.

Pretty immaterial as I didn't earn any profit to put on it in any event.

I'm please that I'm regularly picking them out though, even if I've no money to hedge them.