BinarySoft Closes It's Doors

I've just received the following email from BinarySoft which is also displayed on their home page at

Dear Alistair,

This is to let you know that BinarySoft no longer wish to promote betting/trading and therefore we have decided to close the company.

If you are an existing active paid user then your subscription will remain active indefinitely; BDI will continue operating until a Betfair API change results in the software ceasing to function. We offer no guarantees about when this will happen, but it is likely that BDI should function fine into 2009, possibly into 2010 or after. The support pages will also remain online for the forseeable future at

If you are a member of the BinarySoft affiliate program then any commission due will be paid out within the next 24 hours, regardless of the minimum payment threshold.

We wish you all the best of success in your future projects,
BinarySoft Ltd
Suite 5
Piccadilly House
London Road
United Kingdom

This is really bad news for me as it is the only cross-platform trading tool, that I am aware of. Having abandoned all things Microsoft last year for the much more secure and reliable world of Linux, BinarySoft saved my trading career. Until I discovered it, I had given up on any idea of trading due to what I thought, was a lack of software for my preferred platform.

Although, as the letter suggests, I will be able to carry on using it until such times as Betfair change their API, who knows when that will be. Next week or next year?

I now have to make a very important decision. Do I abandon my desire for a Microsoft free computing life and put up with their insecure and faulty software - and all the associated costs or do I abandon all hopes of trading other than by using the Betfair web interface, which, let's face it, is only of use for long term trading?

At the moment, I'm rather upset by this news. I really loath Microsoft and all they stand for and the virtual monopoly they run, despite being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Come on Bet Angel! Make your software run natively on Linux and I'll sign up immediately.


Anonymous said...

This was a nasty surprise for me too, although maybe not a totally unexpected one. I think I started using BDI towards the end of February, around the same time as yourself, and it has pretty much solely been responsible for turning the £300 in my Betfair account to over £20000! I've been on Betfair for over 6 years and never had this sort of success.

It completely changed the way I look at trading and the worry for me is I wont be able to do what I do without it. The options for Mac users are severely limited. I may simply have to code something myself with the greater time and expense of the API charges that that entails.

Josh said...

I'm a BinarySoft user also, i flirted with the idea of changing to linux entirely but decided to stick with the dual boot.

Have you ever tried running Bet Angel or Bet Trader under Wine?

Alistair said...

Hi chaps. It's all very disappointing isn't it?

Strangely, as I posted on the Betfair forums, only 2 months ago, I had exchanged a number of emails with Chris of BinarySoft, discussing future enhancements to the software. He was really keen to implement my suggestions in the next release and appeared quite upbeat about the future of his product.

Josh, I've never managed to get any Windows based trading software running under Wine - partly because I'm relatively new to Linux and still learning - but the main issue is the .NET framework which all the applications are based on. As far as I am aware, .NET just will not run under Wine.

I'm going to look into running Windows/Bet Angel in a virtualbox within Linux. I did dual boot for a while before a transferred completely over to Linux. I found I never went into Windows at all. If I can't get the virtualbox idea to work, then I'll probably wind up switching back to Windows (much as I hate the idea) as the vast majority of my computing time will be spent in trading.