How Should Success Be Measured?

I'm pretty tired just now and as I've got to go to a client tomorrow and could do with an early night, I'll try and keep this short.

Today, I traded 29 races, scratching 12 and losing on 6 at a cost of £25.55. I came away with a profit of £11.17 and to be honest, I've got to be pretty pleased with that. Strange, given how low that profit is. It's not that different from the poor results I've posted for nearly two weeks now. However, given the mess I got myself into mid-afternoon, it's down right brilliant!

Having got myself more than £5 up after the first 4 races, two of which I scratched, I then proceeded to lose £10 in the 2:40 and a further £7 in the next. This screwed with my head so much that by the time I was finished with the 4:10, I was quickly approaching being £20 down on the day.

Over the months I've been doing this in the place markets, there are two types of races that I've always had difficulty with:

1. Where there is a very short favourite which tends to suck up all the money making it difficult to trade other runners. The odds on the favourite don't change that much either, so trading that is difficult, but that doesn't stop me trying - always to my cost.

2. Where a runner is hovering around evens. This should be a great area to trade, yet virtually every time I try, I get it wrong.

Over the months, I've learned to avoid these scenarios - so you'd think. Why then do I keep letting myself be drawn to these like a moth to a flame?

It was the first of these conditions that grabbed me by the short and curlies today. To fall into that trap and lose £10 as a result was bad enough, but to repeat the error in the very next race was unforgivable.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be keeping this short...

With my head in a mess, I was very close to packing it in for the day. Fortunately, I managed to keep a firm grip on my rattle and by the last race of the afternoon, with thanks to some good trading and another in-running hedge, I'd got myself within a £1 of being level.

Given the mess I was in only an hour or so earlier, I've got to call that a success.

Buoyed by this recovery, I set about some steady trading in the evening, in between doing other things and managed to get myself over £11 in profit.

So yes, I am delighted to have posted any kind of profit today. Equally, I am very pleased with the way I traded with the exception of those two cock ups. So much so, that I'm actually looking forward to the next session for a change. This may not be until Friday due to work commitments tomorrow.

Right, off to bed...

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