Missed Opportunities Abound

I was in profit today - by a few pounds at least, which makes a pleasant change. I won't be buying an Aston Martin any time soon, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

I missed the latter half of the afternoon session as I had a prior commitment, but the six races I did manage to get involved in were characterised by missed opportunities. I saw many a good move this afternoon, but the lack of confidence I've been suffering from of late meant that I was unable, or unwilling to jump on them.

My trading was mediocre to say the least - winning some then giving it away. I lack the courage to hold my position, even though I'm certain of the direction of the move. As a result, I was taking profit way too early and equally, taking a loss when the market momentarily turned against me. I missed out on so much profit this afternoon because of that lack of commitment.

The evening session was a bit better, in that I was a little braver going in there, but I was still far too keen to take a loss, even though it was clear the market would go back in my direction. Consequently, I spent the evening winning a few pounds on one race, then giving it all back again in the next.

I traded 17 markets today, scratching 4 and losing £13.10 over 5 races. I stayed away from the win markets as far as trading was concerned, though I did spend a little time watching the market develop in a couple.

I really could do with a break. The weekend of the 9th-10th August sees the British Superbikes come to my local circuit, Knockhill. The weekend after, the British Touring Car Championship arrives. I've got tickets for both. In between, I intend to go camping with my daughter so I'll have plenty time off to relax and reflect on where I go now.

In the meantime, my daughter is about to go away for two and a half weeks so I'm going to concentrate on trading the place markets and try and get myself back on track.

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