Mr Angry From Chiswick

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 3.1% profit. New bank... £904.76

Despite a 3.1% profit and despite finally getting through the £900 barrier, I'm sitting here feeling really annoyed as I type this.

Something weird happened in the last race of the day. I was trading 'Present' and had just jumped ahead of a sizeable sum to get my opening back bet matched at 2.60. The odds continued to come in and I decided to close the trade for nearly a £4 profit. There was plenty of money available at 2.46 to take my closing bet. Yet that money, and mine, sat opposite each other on the ladder for nearly 2 seconds. My bet was never taken, the odds reversed and the money propping up the back side disappeared. I had to take a £7 loss.

I then made the mistake of trying to win some of it back on another horse only to lose another couple of quid. I should never have done that of course as my mind was racing due to what had just happened.

I don't know if it was a glitch with BinarySoft BDI, Betfair or my broadband connection but instead of being over £40 for the day, I have wound up with £27. Bloody annoying.

That aside, I traded really well today. I was much more focussed and relaxed and everything was ticking over nicely. I'd had a couple of minor losses by the time the 5:00 came along. This turned out to be my best race of the day where I netted £16 on 'Three Strings'.

The evening races weren't so good in that I scratched an awful lot of them and I missed quite a few really good moves. Still, a nice tidy profit was being made - until the last.

Once again, I missed out on some excellent profit due to my lack of pictures. As I've mentioned before, I have to rely on the countdown timer in BinarySoft BDI and get out before it hits zero. In a handful of races today, the horse I had been trading continued in the direction I was following after the scheduled off. In all of these, I could've realised a profit of 2 to 5 times that which I actually achieved.

I need to find a reliable and timely source that can tell me when the race is about to start. Once I get my dedicated trading room set up, I'll be able to have pictures. However, that will only be of use for Ch4 and BBC covered events as I have no intention of subscribing to Setanta, SKY et al.

As you all know, I found last week really difficult. This week has got off to a good start. I didn't trade yesterday as I was with a client and I spent the evening with my daughter, who'd returned from a weeks holiday at her mother's. I did do something very significant last night from a financial point of view. I paid off what was left of my mortgage! I am mortgage free and it feels GREAT!

Here's hoping today's performance has seen me turn the corner somewhat and the week sees me bringing more good news.

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I remember when i steamed in massively to a horse at exeter in one race and it pulled away. quickly smashed the price to see the horse fall over just before the line