My Daughter Will Be Pleased

Thanks mainly to the cracking result on Friday, my daughter will be getting £6 in pocket money for this week. Mind you, she's away to her mother's for a fortnight, so I won't tell if you don't. Oh, I'm a right mean old git! LOL!

Like yesterday, today was characterised by a severe lack of focus on my part. It took me ages to get going today as I was allowing myself to become distracted between races by browsing the net, reading blogs and generally not putting 100% into my trading. As a result, I missed many excellent movers which, under normal circumstances if I'd been paying attention, I would have latched on to. So I deserved all I got, or didn't get as it turned out.

It wasn't until the 3:40 that I started to string some decent trades together. Even then, it was slow and steady rather than anything spectacular. Still, by 5:00, I was some £20 up on the day which I was happy with considering my lack of attention at times.

I was due to go out at 5:45, so as there was 20 mins before the next race, I decided to go for a quick shower and catch the last two races afterwards.

That was a mistake as my concentration had gone when I came back. I threw away £8 in those last two races which completely spoiled the day.

The one pleasing thing today was the fact that I had another successful in-running hedge. Unfortunately I only managed £2.96 in pre-race trading which limited my input to £2 which I put on 'Siyabona' in the 4:00 at Ascot. I backed it at 3.45 and placed an in-running lay at 1.38 to guarantee me a £3 profit on that runner.

I am very encouraged by these in-play hedges and only wish I could make a bit more pre-race to fund them.

I traded 18 races today, scratching 6 and losing 3 at a cost of £8.91. So the results promised by Friday's performance simply didn't materialise over the weekend which is a big disappointment. Still, I earned £122 last week, which I'm more than happy with.

Even better, I've withdrawn £159.66 which takes my account back to £1000. I think it's about time I started to benefit from my hard work so at the end of each week, I'll take out any funds over the £1K level.

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