The Tax Man Strikes Again

Today's Results:
Horse Racing... 1.3% profit. New bank... £945.04

In the same way Hector gives out benefits to the needy, only to claw them back in some other way, my trading was very much win on one race, give it back shortly after.

It was a frustrating afternoon as I was continually interrupted by phone calls. A client's network went down, so I spent some time troubleshooting that over the phone. It looks like they have a network switch that has an intermittent fault. A case of turning it off and on again - a technique honed to perfection after many years supporting Microsoft products! LOL!

That type of interruption I can accept. After all, I get paid for it. Worse though this afternoon, I was inundated by companies cold calling me trying to sell anything from marketing services to insurance. PISS OFF the lot of you! The more I got the more irritated I became. The poor sod who phoned me last, bore the brunt of it. I was rather abrupt with him.

All this only served to ruin my concentration. As a result, much of the afternoon was essentially scratched. I made one good trade late on, netting me a double figure profit, which saw me in profit for the afternoon.

The evening session wasn't any better in that I missed most of it. I felt a bit queasy after dinner - too much to eat I think - so I had a snooze instead of trading. I managed to catch the last hour or so where I added a few more pounds to the total, but nothing spectacular happened.

So a frustrating day, but at least the frustration wasn't due to my inability to trade. I managed to get involved in 22 races today, scratching 9 and losing 6 at a cost of £15.17. Another few pounds added to the bank for a 1.3% increase.

I think I'll leave the phone off the hook tomorrow.

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