That Was A Stupid Idea

So much for venturing into the win markets today.

Despite cutting my stake to £50, I found myself nearly £15 down after the first five races. I just cannot read these markets at all. No matter what my opening position was, I would immediately find myself at least 3 ticks in the red. This was just stressing me out so I quit the win markets and went back top my comfort zone that is the place markets.

This was a good move, initially, as I immediately started to claw back those losses. I had nearly recovered everything but the last hour has been a nightmare - which hasn't been helped by an increasingly intense headache, something I've been suffering from almost constantly for nearly a month.

It's only 4:55 and I've just finished a run of 4 races where I've thrown away nearly £18 so I've decided to stop for now. I've lost confidence completely and there's no point in throwing good money after bad. I may return in the evening if my headache dissipates, but to be honest, it might be better just to leave it completely.

That's me lost £21.53 this afternoon. This month is proving to be very difficult to pick up any momentum. So much for starting again.

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benji said...

Hi mate,
Good going, i am battling on trying to make ago of this full time and have had some success. I am trying to get the most ticks i can at the moment per trade which is abit of a mental minefield you can see how i go in my blog if you wish and feel free to comment.
very well done with what you have achieved my=ust give you hope for the future. all the best benji