At Last!

I do not know why, but today was a much better day than any I've had for what seems an absolute age. I was focussed, in the mood and determined. This was all the more incredible as I had numerous interruptions in the afternoon. Fortunately my concentration was not ruined, though I did have three poor trades, one of which was a complete mess.

I was trading 'Edas' in the 5:20 at Hamilton and I made a total pigs ear of it. My initial trade saw me lose over £2 as my opening lay bet was taken and the odds immediately reversed. I quickly closed out, and jumped on the new direction only for it to quickly reverse again. Another quick close out and jump on the original direction. Low and behold, another reverse.

I did this repeatedly until I finally slapped myself on the face and came away with a loss of £11.70! To rub slat into the wounds, the odds were now higher than they were for my original opening lay. Very annoying, but I didn't let it phase me which is pleasing in itself.

I traded 27 races today, scratching 10 and losing 3 at a cost of £19.02. so you can see that that Hamilton race was particularly expensive as far as my total amount for the day was concerned. Still, a profit of £28.66 for the day makes an extremely welcome change from some of the dross I've served up in recent times. Today at least, I do not feel embarrassed incrementing my winning sequence by 1.

Looking back over my records, Fridays seem to be my best days by far. I do not know why that is. Perhaps I'm just de-mob happy at the thought of the weekend coming along. Unfortunately, Saturdays are frequently poor, so a bit of care required for tomorrow.

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