Bad Habits Are Forming

Another day of dross! I seem to be developing the bad habit of spending the first 60-90 mins throwing money away with the rest of the afternoon spent getting it back.

I do not seem to pick up any momentum at all these days which makes my ever increasing winning streak appear very misleading. Still, in these times of drought I've got to take solace in the fact that I'm not losing money. It just means I won't be able to buy myself an Aston Martin anytime soon.

It doesn't help of course that there's no evening racing - mind you, the way I'm going, that is perhaps a good thing.

Today's poor performance was such that I was put off getting involved in any of the Champions League matches today - not that I need much persuading on that score. I'm always very wary of cup matches, particularly in the early part of the season. So I'm spending the time as I type this just monitoring the markets.

The other other thing of note today was a small win in the Sri Lanka v India ODI cricket match. My first ever foray into cricket.

So an end to another poor day. At the moment I can see no light at the end of the tunnel and this past 1-2 months has seen me essentially tread water.

Still, tomorrow's another day.

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