A Bit Cheeky, But What The Hell

I made the grand sum of £1.54 tonight so I feel it's a bit of a cheek adding another day to my current winning streak, but what the hell! A profit is a profit no matter how small.

I traded 7 races this evening, scratching 4 and losing 1. The loss was more of a punt as I stuck £2 of my earlier winnings on 'Malpropism' in the 7:55 at Folkestone. This was one of Graeme's picks over at The Experiment. I set a closing trade at 1.80 but it unfortunately never came close to getting matched.

I was happy to do this as there wasn't much happening trading wise, and I wasn't risking any money on the day having won it in an earlier race.

The last race, for the second evening running, was a bit of a mess. On this occasion I didn't lose any money but I managed to turn a greened up profit of nearly £4.00 into a greened up profit of just over £1.00. Silly me!

Thanks to those who have responded so far to my question regarding a chat room. I'll leave the question open for a while longer to give others a chance to say yeah or nay.

I agree with the idea that it should have some form of control to blog the Neanderthals. Whether that is done through some form of invitation only mechanism or pre-registration I'll have to wait as see. I know there's a number of chat room facilities out there, but I haven't investigated all possibilities as yet. My only requirement at this time is it should be free. Free of ads would be nice as well, but I'll cross that hurdle when I come to it.

I'll let you know about progress once I'm happy that it will be used and I've sourced a suitable supplier.


Graeme Dand said...


Every time you back one of mines, it gets beat.....

Maybe I should pay you to not back them!


Alistair said...


Sorry. It does seem I have something of a Kiss Of Death reputation when it comes to punting. Perhaps we should come to some arrangement after all.

I'll try and keep my hands in my pockets today, just for you. ;-)