Change Of Fortune

Today was in marked contrast to yesterday's failure on the horses. I traded steadily throughout the day, notching up consistent trades throughout.

There was only one blot on the landscape where I lost nearly £4. That was a silly loss in that I wasn't really paying attention to what was in front of me. The market moved in my favour and I didn't take the few ticks profit I should have had. Needless to say, my hesitation cost me as the market then quickly reversed. No big deal, given my performance in the other races.

I traded 25 races today, scratching 11 and losing that 1 for a profit of £31.40. I started off the day using a £50 liability. As is my wont, I increased that gradually with my winnings so I finished the day on £80. Given the size of my staking, I'm really pleased with over £30 for my efforts. This is much more like it. I just wish I could be a bit more consistent.

Today's profit sees my current sequence go to 22 trading days without loss. This sounds great, but as I was saying to Leon over at Don't Give Up your Day Job, I've only earned £250 in that time, including today's profit. It should really be getting on for double that.

Moving on to other things...

It looks like there's a select band that may be interested in a chat room facility. I've started looking for an organisation that provides chat room hosting but the free options don't seem to have the level of security/user registration I'd like. Early days so I'll keep looking. Failing that, the other option would be to do group chats in MSN. I'd rather avoid that if possible as it forces everyone to have an MSN account.

I'll keep looking over the next few days and get something set up in any event.

I wanted to talk about some soccer trading but that can wait for another day. I'm going to cut this post short as it's been a long day due to the early start of the racing today.

Until next time...

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Loocie said...

Hi Alistair,

nice to see your actual winning sequence and you decent profit of yesterday.
I think you should not be unhappy about only tiny profits of other days. Every profit is good and also scratched trades are winning trades.
Concentrate on what you have done right, rather that what you have done wrong.
All the best, Loocie