Chat Room On-line

How exciting. The chat room is now open for business.

I've spent the past few days looking for a chat room that was free to use, free from ads and provided me with the ability of managing users without the need for either me, or the users, to install additional software on their pcs. I've not been entirely successful.

The solution I've come up with is to use the free service provided by Parachat. Unfortunately, this is advert driven and results in adverts for adult chat rooms and other such unwanted stuff. However, with a bit of HTML web page design jiggery pokery I've managed to hide those adverts from view. This saves me telling you how to block these things at you router or via a hosts file.

This option however, does not allow me to manage users. So, the chat room is essentially on probation. If it gets used and everyone behaves in a sensible, courteous manner, then there will be no problem. By using it, users automatically agree to the 'chat room rules' which you can read when you go there. If the chat room gets abused, then I'll pull it.

I'm already looking at another, more secure solution but the provider's software/web interface is not ready yet. Neither does it integrate with my blog very well - but that's a minor issue.

Now that that necessary explanation is out of the way some other stuff about the chat room...

The chat room is open to anyone who happens to visit the Bet Your Life blog. As such, it is there for all to use, whenever they like. I won't be there all the time, particularly during the horse racing as I need all my concentration when doing that - as I've just discovered having lost money throughout the day because I've been setting up this facility. :-(

Ideally, I'd like the chat room to be used as a tool for everyone to learn to trade better. So, I see things like:

1. A group of us getting together before a soccer match for example, planning our strategy and implementing it together.
2. Perhaps a trader clued up on the techniques for trading cricket or tennis matches could come along and discuss what they are doing, live.
3. If you have a sure fire tip, share it in the room.
4. Exchange and discuss trading strategies, even demonstrate them.

You get the gist. What I hope the chat room doesn't become is a place where people meet to exchange idle gossip. It needs to be more than that to be of any use.

When I intend to trade a particular event, other than horses, I'll post a message on the blog in advance.

Finally, can I thank everyone who responded to my original question regarding the the chat room. Much appreciated.

So, there you have it. Have fun, and I look forward to meeting you there in due course.


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