Early Finish

Like Thursday and Friday, I traded steadily and accrued a decent profit in the afternoon. Unlike the last two days though, I have no desire to throw much of it away again the first evening race I enter. That's one particular hat-trick I can do without so I've stopped for the day.

I traded 19 races in all today, scratching 12 and losing only 1 at a cost of £5.75. That single loss was particularly annoying as it came straight after my best trade of the day in the 5:00 where I netted £12.19 after commission. How often does that happen? Still, I'm happy with £25 for just over 2 hours work.

Back again tomorrow...


leonthefixer said...

Well done mate, good to see you had a good day! Any chance you lcould lend me some to cover my loss for the day ;-)

Alistair said...

Only if you return the favour when I lose. Something tells me I'll come out on top with that deal. :-)

Dremeber said...

Hi Alistair,

Nice blog you have here. I myself I'm not so into trading, I don't even get it :).
More into regular sportsbetting which is hard enough.

If you are interested in swapping links, drop me a line.


Anthony said...

It's strange how, as you improve, your targets automatically move away from you. 14 days without a loss is great work and the difference in the profit to your last 14 day run should be inspirational to you.
Maybe, instead of spending the night scratching trades, you should try to stop an individual trade when you have a profit you would have been happy with before you started that trade. Oviously, scratching a poor trade is necessary but risking money you've just made isn't. The Betfair Racing Trader averaged £10 per trade last week so £5 isn't a poor show. I average about £2.50 a race which gives me about £1,800 per month on average.
Well done on your results and for pulling yourself through the disappointing patch.