Getting Back In The Swing

Today was my first full day back after my break so I decided to take things pretty easy - not difficult with the delays at Wolverhampton this afternoon.

I decided to keep my stakes low and worked to a £50 liability in the place markets, as usual. Right from the first race, I felt really comfortable and quickly started earning nearly £2 per race. Throughout the afternoon, I was very wary of getting involved in the delayed races at Wolverhampton. I used Betfair radio to give me an indication of when each race was about to go, but I made sure I was out long before the off. As a result, I scratched much of those races.

Indeed, after the first hour or so, I spend quite some time scratching just about every race that came along. In the end, I got involved in 20 races and scratched 14 of them. I racked up losses of £1.49 but that was over 4 of those scratched races so that was very pleasing. I finished the day £15.20 up, which, considering my break and reduced stakes, I was quite pleased with.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've reduced my Betfair account to £500 simply because I didn't want to leave more than a grand in my account, not collecting interest. I've decided I'm not going to bump it up to £1000 again. Instead, that will be my new target - turning £500 into £1000 - which hopefully I'll be able to do in about 6 weeks.

I'm likely to miss the first day at York depending on how long my daughter drags me round the shops tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to get at least a few races in tomorrow where I can continue with today's steady start.

Until then...

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