It's A First! No Losses!

OK, that's a bit of a con as I only traded 9 races this evening as I was at a client's all day, but what the hell.

Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let me give you a quick update of Sunday's performance as I didn't have time to post to the blog after trading in the afternoon.

I decided to try a little experimentation on Sunday. Specifically, I traded in a much more defensive manner. I scratched trades immediately if they did not go my way as soon as I entered the market. This worked very well in the main, in that I scratched 13 out of 17 markets - not what I had intended. The last few I got sloppy and lost on a couple due to other outside distractions. Consequently, I came away with a small profit, but nothing to write home about.

Whether I got a profit or not, wasn't the object of the exercise. It was all about getting in and out of the market without a loss. The problem is, I found that style of trading quite difficult. It completely goes against my normally aggressive, some what riskier methodology. A useful exercise none the less.

Now, on to today...

I managed to get home from work in time for the 6:00. Monday markets, particularly in the evening, can be very quiet at times, so I reduced my liabilities to £80 and set about the place markets. I missed a few after the first 3 in order to have some dinner, but other than that I traded all the evening races.

The place markets were surprisingly good this evening. So much so that, although I came away with a reasonable profit, I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't more. I missed a few excellent moves as I was watching the wrong horse at the time. I also contrived, on three separate occasions, to turn a £5+ greened up profit into £1 profit. So that was a tad annoying.

Still, the big plus this evening was not having a loss. I traded 9 races and scratched 3 resulting in a profit of £10.41. Not bad considering I'd dropped my stakes as well.

Another positive to come out of this evening is that with tonights profit, I equaled my previous best run of trading days without a loss. 14 to be precise. I last did that back in April with those 14 days earning me £78.62. This current run has netted me £184.01.

I've now got 3 trading days before I stop for a 9 day break. It will be good, if I can achieve a profit in each of those and end on a high.

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