A Pint Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps

I didn't think I was doing to well today as I seemed to find it difficult to see anything of much interest. It wasn't until I checked my Betfair P&L for the day that I discovered I'd got involved in 19 races. I had actually scratched 16 of these for +/- £1 or less with no losses finally earning enough to buy some beer - figuratively speaking as I do not drink.

With the time spent this weekend getting the chat room up and running I haven't been fully focussed on trading so I was please to make another, albeit small profit. Particularly as I spent much of the afternoon using the chat room and getting to know a few of my readers.

Although I've been concerned this past week that my profits have been low, I am still using much reduced stakes since returning from my break. I'll be ramping those up again in the next few days.

I had intended to trade some football today, but the early goal in the Chelsea game scuppered that idea before I managed to get a bet on. I didn't fancy the Man City match and decided to leave well alone. To be honest, I'd prefer the season to be 4-5 games old before I got involved in any serious way.

I've come across a number of soccer trading strategies in recent weeks - some popular ones like laying the draw as well as other interesting ones. That's what's great, and confusing, about soccer trading. There's so many markets, it can be difficult to decide what strategy to apply to any given match.

I'll have a think about a few of them so that I'm happy with how they operate - or I at least understand how they operate. Then perhaps we'll have a few live sessions in the chat room where we can try them out.

Anyway, that's me for another day. Time to put my feet up, have a cuppa and watch the recording of the F1 GP I did earlier today.

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