Scratch That!

What a day. Everything was back to normal and yesterday's flash in the pan all but forgotten. As you can probably guess from the image below, today was something of a waste of time.

Right from the off, I couldn't do anything right. I lost on the first five races I entered putting me on the back foot yet again. Throughout the afternoon, I just didn't seemed to be focussed - I had been trying to sort the chat room out prior to racing and that may have been the problem. I didn't actually put a decent trade in until after 5:00!

Fortunately, that point saw a bit of a revival as I strung 6 good trades together to get me back into profit.

In the evening, I was adding the finishing touches to the chat room in-between races at windsor. This was another mistake, as I lost nearly all my profit, particularly in the 6:50. I switched from my web design software to BinarySoft a few minutes before the race only to discover that some major moves where in progress. I panicked trying to get on them but I was too late and I was bitten. I was particularly annoyed with myself at that point. Not because of the loss, but because of the missed opportunity to significantly make up for my poor showing in the afternoon.

So, once again, I'm left with a profit that wouldn't buy a pint of beer. Whilst I've maintained my 'winning streak' with daily profits like that, it is becoming more and more meaningless.

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