Ships That Pass In The Night

Just a quick note about the new chat room...

It will be very easy to miss each other in the chat room so from now on, I will put a note at the top of the sidebar on the right to say when I'll definitely be in the room. This will predominately be for big soccer matches and other such major events.

Two things though:

1. Other than any announcements indicated to the right, you may still find me in the room at other times of the day. Just pot luck.
2. Don't feel that you should only use the room at those times when I've said I'll be in. The room is there for all to use and you are free to arrange meeting times between yourselves.

Please feel free to give any suggestions on how the room can be used to the benefit of all. If you have any thoughts or would like to arrange a time to meet up to share trading ideas on a particular event, then just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you.

Good luck with your trading this Bank Holiday.

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