Stupid Bugger!

I've calmed down now. Unlike yesterday, I didn't want to write this blog entry straight after I screwed up again. Instead, I'm typing this up having spent some time reflecting on the past couple of days - and devouring a large bar of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut to the point where I now feel sick LOL!

Today, I did exactly what I did yesterday. I spent the afternoon steadily building up some profit with barely a losing trade to be seen. I went off to have my dinner then, on my return, I threw virtually all of it away on the first evening race I get involved in.

Again, I was so annoyed with myself that I felt it unwise to continue and decided to quit in order to preserve the few pounds profit I was left with.

I'm not going to bother detailing my trading today, particularly the one I screwed up. I made a mistake. I got involved in a race that was screaming at me to avoid. One of these stupid errors that I thought I had got out of my system long ago.

Back tomorrow - hopefully without the feeling of nausea.

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