Trading Is So Unimportant

There's much more important things in life than this trading nonsense. That was illustrated perfectly well late this evening.

I was just getting organised to sit down and write about yet another pathetic day at the office, spending hours to make pennies, when I received a phone call from my son. He was in tears, having just been in a car accident. So my daughter and I had to dash off to see him.

The way he had been talking, I got the impression that he'd smashed HIS car. Transpired it was his mate's car that crashed - straight into large gates at the entrance to a factory. Without going into details, there appears to have been a problem with the brakes. Unfortunately for my son, there was no passenger airbag so he came off worse. Nothing serious - bruising due to his seat belt, a touch of whiplash and a strained wrist - but we called an ambulance to be safe.

The car is a write off, but the important thing is that they are both OK.

In a strange perverse way, this may be a good thing. Both of them have only been driving for a few months. This might give them a better appreciation of just how dangerous an activity driving is. An appreciation that is sadly often missed by young drivers until it is too late. With any luck, and a bit of time to reflect, hopefully this experience will make them both better drivers.

Anyway, no point in going into today's trading after this evening's events. Suffice to say, I struggled and came away with the staggering profit of 59 pence!

A pretty insignificant result - in more ways than one.


leonthefixer said...

Sorry to hear about your son mate. Hope he recovers quickly. I had a bad smash a few years after I passed, changed the way I drive!

Hope he gets well soon!


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Alistair,

I couldn't agree with your comments more after the events I've been through this week.

Sounds like we've both had a bit of a wake up call.

All the best mate,


Alistair said...

Hi Guys, and thanks for you comments.

Sometimes it's just not worth the hassle trying to advise kids of anything. Some need to make the mistakes themselves before they'll take lessons on board.

Having heard more details this morning, the two of them are extremely lucky to be alive. They managed to dodge a bullet yesterday. Time will tell if they've learned any lessons from it.


Cassini said...

My 17 year old son just bought his first car yesterday. I'm terrified, but he's a sensible lad and there's nowt I can do but be supportive and hopefully give him good advice. Hope your boy realises he's lucky and learns a lesson. Like you say, in a perverse way, it could be a good thing. Good luck.